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Our Story

Our mission is to work collectively with our signatory contractors and our Union affiliates in the on-going efforts of providing the best trained, experienced, and most reliable work force possible. 

We are committed to providing the Laborers needed to build a better tomorrow. We stand for a fair days work, fair wages, fringe benefits and retirement security for all workers.

The Laborers’ District Council of Ohio provides companies who are signatory with the council, highly skilled, motivated and hardworking individuals who excel in safety, continued education and character and who are all around good citizens.  Our laborers benefits are self funded and are completely un subsidized.

For over 100 years, the Laborers’ Union in Ohio has represented construction professionals committed to the highest standards of safety and training.  As a partner with the Laborers, the is a ready supply of the best workers in the construction trade with state of the art skills.  We also offer comprehensive health and welfare and retirement plans, apprenticeship and many other programs all designed to make companies as profitable as possible.

Roughly 1,400 companies in the state of Ohio are Union members.  There must be a reason that so many companies chose to be union.  Is it the health care, retirement or the many programs that we provide?  The reason is, we fill their needs.  There is something that they need that we provide.  It could be all of the reason we’ve provided or it could be a couple or all.  Either way, they have chosen to do so and have profited by the partnership.

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